Akij Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh. It consists of 24 big concerns with diverse activities & different products. Akij Group launched its venture as a small jute trader more than 50 years ago. Since then it has been progressing with tremendous pace in the industrial area of Bangladesh. A large number of people are employed by the group and cared for as members of the Akij family. The non-profit concerns are also involved in sustaining development of the country & for social welfare.

Akij Textile Mills Limited (ATML) is a sister concern of Akij Group - one of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh. Since 1998 Akij Textile has been operating its business by supplying excellent quality yarn primarily in the export market. The yarns produced by ATML are sold to the export oriented knit & woven garments industry.

ATML's production capacity is around 40 tons per day, 25 tons combed & carded from Ring Spinning, 10 tons from Schlafhorst Autocoro & 5 tons from BD Rotors. ATML also converts around 5 tons of single yarn into double yarn through its TFO. The mill can produce all yarn counts from Ne 6/1 to Ne 100/1.

The counts mostly being produced are Ne 20/1 to Ne 60/1 combed & carded and Ne 20/2 to 60/2 Carded & Combed 100% cotton yarn from Ring Spinning, Ne 16/1 to Ne 24/1 from Schlafhorst Autocoro machine and Ne 7/1 to Ne 16/1 from Czech Rotors. The blow rooms are equipped with Vision Shields - foreign fiber (contamination) detectors. From the process of bale breaking to the packaging of yarn, everything is done with automation & state -of - the -art- technology.

ATML is well equipped with the state -of-the-art technology. All the machineries are from reputed brand machines manufacturer. All back process from Reiter (Switzerland), Zinser (Germany), Trutzschler (Germany). It also has 4 Autocoro from Germany, Eight (08) Rotor machine to meet the need of coarse yarn. ATML has also added 3 Doubling & 8 Twisting machines (TFO) to cope up with the market demand & trend. ATML has latest generation of Uster apparatus from Switzerland for Yarn & Cotton testing i.e. AFIS, UT-4 and HVI. In the laboratory the Cotton quality & grade, staple lengths are measured for producing the best quality export yarn. A chilling plant has been installed for all the sections in the production floor to improve working environment for employees and machineries.

Latest machinery at Akij Textile includes Robotic Piecer Carriage on Schlafhorst Autocoro, which increases productivity as well as quality of the end product.